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Find out where the building and ‘Emily In Paris’ street are filmed IRL

In a world where traveling is, at best, a logistical nightmare to navigate as borders close, open, close, and then open with a strict set of conditions, we instead seek other ways to feel a feeling of escape. Our favorite method at the moment? Watch Netflix Emilie in Paris. The infamous show follows the life […]

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Hotel review Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Why reserve?For impeccable service in the city’s golden triangle. Hotel address: Four Seasons Hotel George V, 31 Av. Georges V, 75008 Paris, FranceWebsite: booking.comPrice: From around £ 1,025 per night Set the scene An entourage of staff members greet you by name every time you walk through the revolving doors of the lobby, made up […]

Paris hotel

Madame Rêve, the new Parisian hotel where to sleep under the stars

En the heart of a city with stone buildings so remarkable that they become individually banal, the building of the former Louvre post office stands out. Maybe that’s because it shines positively after a restoration, but there is something so unforgettable about its arched facade. Even more remarkable, this building now has a glass roof […]

Paris hotel

Hotel review in Paris: In the charming 5-star hotel of the Louvre

05 December 2021 – 17:08 GMT Sharnaz shahid Reviews Hotel du Louvre Paris: A charming 5-star hotel located in the heart of the French capital Paris is known for its historical monuments, gastronomic cuisine and haute couture, attract travelers of the whole world. For those who want to vacation here and explore its food culture, […]

Paris hotel

How Bulgari’s New Paris Hotel Delivers a Blend of French and Italian Luxury

When the bell boy at the new Bulgari hotel in Paris took my luggage at the start of a recent stay, he asked me what I thought of the place. After I told him that I found him quite stylish, he replied: “It’s Italian”, then, without wasting time, “A mixture of French and Italian style. […]