Paris hotel

One of Kim Kardashian’s Paris hotel robbers says he doesn’t feel guilty over incident | Arena

Yunis Abbas addressed the 2016 theft in a new interview published over the weekend. One of the thieves involved in the $10 million robbery of Kim Kardashian’s The hotel room claimed to have no remorse about it. Younis Abbas was one of 12 men arrested and charged in connection with the 2016 crime, where a […]

Paris hotel

“She should be a little less showy” • Hollywood Unlocked

One of the men involved in the infamous 2016 Paris hotel robbery that left Kim Kardashian tied up in a bathtub said he didn’t feel bad about the way things turned out for the star. reality show. The Skims founder, who later said she feared she was dying the night a group of men showed […]

Paris apartment

A Parisian apartment with a country house vibe at just 450 square feet | Architectural Summary

In this Parisian apartment, the wood structure of the early 20th century building has been revealed and lightly stripped to blend better with oak fixtures like the parquet floor and library wall seen here. The two symmetrical doors are positioned relative to the interior roof lines. When the architects Pierre and Francois Voirin came on […]

Paris restaurant

The other side of a Parisian restaurant is hell

I feel a growing resentment of the restaurant’s gastronomic approach. Still, I admire waiters more and more. Pride in what they do. Their sensible work ethic. The Sisyphean nature of the craft: redemption through repetition. Friendship. The competition. Their relationship to money and the ephemeral. The way they feel they belong to a great lineage, […]