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66 things to do in Paris, France

Secret speeches

There are several secret nightclubs and lounges hidden around the city that make your night out more underground and exclusive. There is the exceptionally popular Experimental Cocktail Club, which pretty much started the craft cocktail scene in Paris. It is accessible by a barely marked door in a side street of the famous rue Montorgeuil. From the same people behind ECC, we get The Beef Club Ballroom, which you access through an unmarked black door to the left of the Beef Club restaurant, then through a spiral staircase.

Another speakeasy style gem is Moonlight. To get to the old school lounge, you have to walk to the back of Pizza Da Vito restaurant and go through the door to their walk-in freezer. The Very Particular is a semi-secret place in Montmartre at Mansion, formerly the villa of the Hermès family. To access this renovated hotel bar, you must venture into a private access street, ring the intercom and say “have a drink” to be allowed entry. It’s worth it once inside – interiors are quintessentially Parisian with plush velor seating in a lush secret garden with black-and-white tile floors and a glass-enclosed patio.

If you are looking for a challenge with your happy hour, The Lavomatic (Photo) This is where things get tricky on the next level. First, you step into an unpretentious, fully functional laundry room. Next, you need to find the washing machine that opens to reveal the spindly spiral staircase that leads to the bar on the third floor of the building. Once you’re there, the traditional sweatshop experience wears off – no dim lighting or heavy wooden furniture here – the whole space is decorated in bright, vivid colors, accented with quirky linen patterns and of hanging swings.

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