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A Just Eat delivery driver caught stealing a cat from a Parisian building

Burglar cat! French Just Eat delivery driver caught stealing pet from building ‘to deal with mouse infestation in restaurant’

  • A Just Eat delivery driver caught stealing a ginger cat from a building in Paris
  • CCTV showed a pizza delivery man exiting the building carrying the animal
  • But the trainee lawyer who lives in the building found the cat and rescued it.
  • The driver turned out to be a restaurant owner who took a cat to stop the mouse infestation

This is the shocking moment a Just Eat delivery driver was caught on CCTV stealing a ginger cat from an apartment building in Paris.

The man was delivering a pizza to trainee attorney Caroline Simon-Provo on Tuesday evening in the west end of the city when the robbery took place.

Miss Simon-Provo said residents noticed the cat, which belongs to the caretaker, went missing shortly after delivery.

The delivery driver leaves with the cat

CCTV captured the moment a pizza delivery man stole a ginger cat from an apartment building in Paris because his restaurant was infested with mice

The next morning, when the cat had still not shown up, Miss Simon-Provo said she had decided to review the building’s CCTV camera.

The footage clearly revealed that the driver was leaving with the cat in his arms.

She said the residents filed a police complaint and contacted Just Eat around 8 a.m., but received no response.

She and a friend then went to the restaurant at 10:30 a.m. and waited for employees to show up and confront them.

The employees called their boss, who turned out to have delivered Miss Simon-Provo’s pizza the night before and admitted to taking the cat.

He tried to justify his actions by saying his restaurant had a mouse problem and he intended to use the cat to get rid of them.

Although CCTV clearly shows him leaving the building with the cat, he denied – claiming to have found the feline in the street.

Miss Simon-Provo said she found the “shivering” cat in the corner of the pizzeria and brought it back to the building.

A Just Eat spokesperson said The Independent, who first reported the story, that an investigation has been opened.

The police are also investigating and a formal complaint has been filed.

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