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Beyoncé and Jay Z’s go-to restaurant in Paris, Caviar Kaspia, is coming to New York

Caviar Kaspia, the Parisian restaurant famous for both its fashion cult and its caviar-topped baked potato, is arriving, albeit temporarily, in New York City. The pop-up establishment, which occupies a converted space in the Spring Place club reserved for Tribeca members, will be holding a preview tasting with friends and family on December 6 (officially opening December 8) until the Fashion Week closes in February. “What I think New York really needs is a bit of an old-fashioned and unconventional design that brings that inexplicable sense of tradition that you get in Paris when you go to Caviar Kaspia,” says Alexandre de Betak, the prolific French fashion show. and event designer, who was brought on board to reinvent the iconic restaurant in the United States. From the start, de Betak’s goal was “to design it very carefully, in a somewhat classic and traditional way, then to add a mirrored ceiling, both to give a touch but also to give a little grandeur. “.

Alexandre de Betak created a mirrored ceiling for Caviar Kaspia’s New York pop-up at Spring Place.

Tim Doyon for Bureau Betak

The resulting space, which can accommodate 44 people, looks effortlessly chic, despite the low-ceiling, pre-transformation room being far from a natural fit. De Betak remembers seeing the Spring Place site for the first time, which was defined by a sunken seating area, concrete and glass walls, and a large modern fireplace: Took a long time to make it into what you see, he said. “Which makes the element of surprise even more grandiose. You enter this building, take the elevator, walk through this beautiful minimalist and modernist space, and suddenly you come to the room which has nothing to do with everything around it.

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