Paris apartment

Classic Paris apartment becomes minimal with complete renovation


Combining the drama of 19th century architecture with the austerity of contemporary design is this alluring renovation of a Parisian apartment by the Peruvian architect Diego Delgado-Elias.

The architect’s house already had these magnificent heritage elements that dreams are made of: high ceilings, patio doors, herringbone floors, ornate moldings and gilded woodwork.

But to bring the 150 square meter (approximately 1,615 square feet) slab into the 21st century, Delgado-Elias added a few “interventions” to balance the fairy tale.

He did this by introducing minimalist black surfaces to the otherwise bright surfaces by means of a low wooden shelf that runs along the wall below the windows, a black box-shaped hearth, and a concrete island. “Floating” in the kitchen. A wall unit built into the bedroom that doubles as a headboard is also painted black.

As for furniture and decor, mid-century and otherwise modern pieces take up the space, mingling with sections of unfinished walls and antique mirrors marked with patina. Looked.

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