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Dirty Airbnb customer left Paris apartment covered in urine and feces

The guest broke furniture and ransacked the French apartment (Photo: Facebook)

An Airbnb tourist ransacked a posh studio in Paris, causing £ 10,000 in damage after leaving it covered in feces and urine.

The apartment was left as a “squat”, with soiled mattresses and sheets and broken furniture after a guest stayed for three weeks, leaving such a stench that the fumigators had to be called in.

23-year-old model and dancer Laurie Synakowski, who is believed to be the owner, shared photos on Facebook, in a post now shared over 20,000 times.

‘I was really shocked and devastated when I came back [to find] my studio in this state, she said.

She seeks compensation from Airbnb for the damage she suffered, claiming the bed was used “as a toilet”.

She posted a series of photos on Facebook (Photo: Laurie Snkw)

The owner needed to fumigate the apartment after her Canadian guest’s stay (Photo: Facebook)

“My lovely new workshop has literally turned into a vulgar ‘squat’ filled with excrement, urine and an overwhelming amount of liquor bottles.

“Urine took possession of the lovely studio from floor to ceiling; the floor, the front door that barely closes, the bed that served as a toilet.

‘I was really shocked and devastated when I came back [to find] my workshop in this state. The individual’s profile showed no suspicion, having a positive comment from a previous host who had received it. ‘

Neighbors even said the Canadian had been “nice” when they met him in the building.

She added: “The costs are enormous. Cleaning the apartment requires the intervention of professionals who must charge for disinfection and evacuation of excrement. ‘

Garbage was strewn around the Parisian studio (Photo: Facebook)

The tenant who allegedly caused the damage had now been banned from using the app according to The Local.

AirBnB, which has a ‘host guarantee’ which will reimburse hosts up to £ 600,000 for damage.

A spokesperson told France 3 television: “This type of bad experience is extremely rare,” claiming that only 0.009% of the 30 million apartments rented on its site last year were severely damaged. has contacted Airbnb for comment.

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