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Domaine Clarence Dillon to publish cookbook based on a Parisian restaurant


Domaine Clarence Dillon, owner of Château Haut-Brion and La Mission Haut-Brion, will publish a cookbook for its Parisian restaurant Le Clarence, two Michelin stars, based on the cuisine of chef Christophe Pelé.

President and member of the fourth generation of the family business, HRH Prince Robert of Luxembourg, created in 2015 Le Clarence which is located in a mansion just next to the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Impressed by the quality of Pelé’s cuisine, Prince Robert invites him to take charge of the Clarence, describing him as “a kind of rebel, who has acquired a very solid foundation and a skilful mastery of traditional French cuisine”.

The book, which includes 70 recipes, is due for release on October 2. It was written and edited by Japanese culinary author Chihiro Masui with photographs by Richard Haughton.

Commenting on the publication of the book, Masui said: “Never superficial, always honest, Christophe Pelé’s cuisine is pure, timeless and unadorned. His imagination and powers of seduction set him apart from all others.

“Each dish is both simple and remarkable for its precision. Without artifice, they slice and shake up all our received ideas on taste. Each composition, to the eye, nose and palate, displays purity, restraint and something divine.

The restaurant received two Michelin stars a year after it opened. The bound volume of 320 pages will cost around € 60.

The Clarence wine list is exclusively devoted to French wines and spirits. The restaurant was decorated at the last edition of the World Restaurant Awards, winning the prize for “original thought”.

The judges declared: “Behind the thick carpets and the marbles of the most typically French of hotels hides the most contemporary laboratory that one could dream of. Here there are no limits: The Clarence is a UFO. We can expect extreme fantasy, high Belles Manières art to soften all possible edgy things, but on the contrary we get a kitchen that burns like a candle at both ends, always without a safety net. .

“And that’s how Christophe Pelé really is – a driving force behind the whole team, not just the chef in charge. You must beware! When he cooks, when he throws himself into his super-fast slang, it is a current of consciousness that reminds James Joyce – but so French, so Parisian, a misfit in his most beautiful lair just behind the Champs-Elysées. Christophe Pelé is the real one.

“Stop looking for the future of French cuisine. This is where accomplished perfectionism and rock’n’roll attitude merge. Don’t be afraid of repetition, at Le Clarence improvisation is a breath of life. Triple wow! What a slap! Please don’t wake me up. But it’s real and not just a dream: The Clarence is here to stay. The only place where food never forgets to be so fun. What a kick, indeed!

Published by Glenat Livres, the book will be available in French and English.

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