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Hotel de Paris offers the fanciest mini-bars in the world – and everything is free for guests

The Fauchon Paris brand is best known as a leading breeding ground for luxury chocolate, food and delicatessen.

Sitting comfortably in the La Madeleine district of Paris, the Fauchon boutique buzzes with travelers and locals alike, hoping to glimpse the magic that escapes from boxed shiny chocolates adorned with a bright pink bow.

Or maybe spy on the pastry chef handcrafting a batch of fresh macaroons. Think of a fancy, French Whole Foods. And then take it up a notch. If a Texan ventures to Paris, it is likely that a box of Fauchon chocolates or cookies will return with them through customs when they arrive on the state side.

Since the brand’s inception in 1868, Fauchon has been a curator of talent to share the excellence of French cuisine on a global scale. More than 150 years later, the brand is acclaimed around the world and available in stores on a multitude of continents, including Asia and South America.

The French brand decided to extend its expertise to luxury hotels in September 2018. It opened its first hotel, Fauchon L’Hotel, located on Place de la Madeleine, a stone’s throw from its Parisian boutique.

The The heritage of the Fauchon brand as innovators of fine Parisian gastronomy is based on its pillars of service excellence, decadent gourmet cuisine, luxurious five-star hospitality and tailor-made local experiences in cities around the world. whole. All of this is embodied in his first hotel.

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From the minute guests walk into the lobby, they are greeted with lounge decor and freshly made macaroons to go. From that point on, this decadent hotel feeds guests whenever it can, with everything but the usual mini-bar in each of the 54 rooms.

They’re officially dubbed Gourmet Bars, and we really mean the fanciest chest of delicious goodies you can imagine. Each Gourmet Bar is nestled in the middle of a personalized pink cabinet, with plenty of doors and drawers to keep guests surprised and delighted. The hotel staff even offers personalization of the Gourmet Bar, according to preference: salty, sweet or tasty – a combination of the two.

Do not miss to discover the drinks cellar of the imposing pink chest. There you will deliciously stumble upon wine, spirits, champagne, water, juices and soft drinks.

The best part by far? Everything is free for hotel guests. Replenished daily, there are more than 150 Euros of products in each room, including Fauchon champagne, foie gras, macaroons and other assorted delicacies.

The Gourmet Bar is nicely set up in each suite.

Nobody waits more for bedtime in Paris than a client of Fauchon L’Hôtel. And what you do not consume during your stay, the team at the luxury hotel will pack it for you to take home.

As if the treasure trove of snacks and sips weren’t enough to make the trip to Paris worth it, the amenities don’t stop with your taste buds.

The hotel also offers a pillow menu, to accommodate any type of sleeper, as well as nightly surprises when preparing for the night. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you might find a sleep mask just in time for the start of the school year.

No ordinary hotel in Paris

Hotel guests will notice the common thread of Boutique Fauchon’s trademark resemblance to hotel rooms.

The pink and black palette serves as a tapestry for the entire imprint of the French brand, mixing contemporary and classicism to represent the quintessence of Parisian charm.

In the rooms and suites, the design alternates between powder pink velvet accessories with straight curves and rock variations, black herringbone floors and carefully restored French shutters. And some of the rooms and suites even have a city view that includes looks at the Eiffel Tower.

We never forget their pleasant stay at the Fauchon L’Hôtel. Especially his stomach.

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