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Hotel Lutetia in Paris offers luxury liner-shaped Easter eggs

In fact, we don’t consider many things to be “sacred.” Yet when we learned in the spring of 2014 that the Hotel Lutetia in Paris was closing for renovations, we had serious concerns. After all, having opened in 1910, it had already spent over a century as the most lavish and evocative place to stay on the Left Bank – and it never really felt like it had to. to be… modernized.

We still miss the old Art Deco interiors. But when the new design was unveiled in 2018 (it’s now part of The Set collection), we certainly breathed a sigh of relief, as the upgrade was a real stylistic achievement. And with the recent opening of the hotel’s new alternative jazz-focused Aristide bar, it’s once again one of the most sophisticated places in Paris to check in or just hang out.

One of the traditions that has carried on, however, is the Lutetia’s annual Easter egg offering. And this year’s creation is beyond press-worthy, as it dispenses with the need to look like an egg, instead mimicking the shape of an old luxury liner. It was modeled after an image of a famous Art Nouveau poster from the Deco era, the style of which tended to exaggerate the dimensions, here stretching the shell to an extravagant length.

It is the creation of Nicolas Guercio, an outstanding pastry chef, who began his career at the Hôtel Royal Monceau, before moving on to the Ritz Paris. The twelve-inch-tall sculpture was made with 64% Manjari dark chocolate from Madagascar, filled with praline, then adorned with whole hazelnuts and sea salt. Only 100 were made available, for proper exclusivity factor , and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the French Red Cross, which has been directly involved in helping with the ongoing Ukrainian refugee crisis.

The eggs, along with a selection of other travel-themed confections, are currently available at the Lutetia pop-up store at 43 Boulevard Raspail.

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