Paris apartment

In Suzi de Givenchy’s Parisian apartment


From the moment we met, it was obvious: Suzi de Givenchy is a different breed. Is it his open-mindedness? His communicative good humor? Its almost accidental cool? In fact it was a mixture of the three, one almost unspeakable I do not know what, which prompted me to proclaim her the perfect embodiment of the new Parisian. At the crossroads of several styles and countries, the woman born in Hong Kong of Chinese parents is a multifaceted character. Not to mention a globetrotter. At the age of 4, she moved to the United States and later to France, to Paris to be precise, to celebrate her 20th birthday.e birthday. She stayed there for love. It was a meeting with Hubert de Givenchy, not the couturier but his nephew, that changed everything “,First out of love for a man, and now out of love for the European way of life. I am now a widow but I have still lived in France for over 30 years, I have 3 adult boys and an accent that I cannot get rid of. “

Vanessa Bruno shirt, pants and sandals, Hermès belt

Adeline May


It was a very unique encounter that began her recent relationship with fashion. “As often happens in life, a path has presented itself to me.” At a dinner party she met Versae Vanni, reservations director for Next Management, who told him: “Suzi, you don’t know, but you’re going to change things. “ It took her 6 months to decide to join the agency, then one morning she started, as she likes to say, “with his heart”. His first show was for White, then she started working with Demna Gvasalia To Balenciaga, who made her one of her favorite models. “It’s a very sentimental affair because my husband’s uncle, the great fashion designer, Hubert de Givenchy started his career at Balenciaga.” In this small environment that is fashion, today Suzi has become a benchmark. “I hope to be an inspiration in my own way. Show that life can change direction at any age and at any time. That you can overcome hard times. It takes courage, conviction, intention and a lot of humor. And above all never forget to breathe and enjoy because life is short. “

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