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Le Pigalle Paris hotel reviews – Your benchmark hotel | British GQ

If you’re escaping to Paris soon, be sure to head to the north of the city and to be precise, Le Pigalle in Pigalle.

Le Pigalle Paris was designed for you. Forget about furniture bought flat, Le Pigalle offers a mix of handpicked vintage furniture from the 50s to the 70s alongside fresh contemporary design.

The building itself still has much of the original structure and has been finished with typical Parisian touches, such as paneled doors, white walls, wood paneling, and parquet floors. The ground floor foyer features an open floor plan with a cafe, bar, restaurant, vinyl library, and newspaper and book stand.

Integration is at the heart of this neighborhood hotel. The croissants are supplied by the nearby bakery, the books were hand-picked by the local bookstore, and even the music played was chosen by Victor Kiswell, the neighborhood musicologist.

Le Pigalle has 40 rooms that are simple, comfortable and full of character. Each room has a collection of objects, memorabilia, music, books and second-hand furniture that make each one intimate and unique.

Le Pigalle was designed to make you feel and live like a local in Paris, so make it your new rendezvous.

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