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Lionel Messi was robbed in a Parisian hotel

The Le Royal Monica hotel in Paris welcomed a few travelers, including Messi. Last Wednesday evening, burglars entered the hotel balcony and invaded Messi’s room. After stealing thousands of euros, books and jewelry from a hotel room from Messi and his wife, the criminals fled. Not only was the Messi room looted, but also the property, jewelry and money of several hotel guests. According to a woman who was robbed, “I had a lot of books, money and jewelry in my apartment.” It was all magical when I got out and looked back. All of my jewelry, including my earring and ring, is gone.

According to The Sun, four guest rooms at the Royal Moniza hotel in Paris, including footballer Lionel Messi, have been broken into. There was a lot of jewelry and money in it.

This was reported to the police by the hotel management. The theft was caused by security breaches, according to police who inspected the site. According to the authorities, the theft could not have been committed by ordinary criminals. Since August, Lionel Messi, his wife Antonella Rogujo and their three children have been staying at the hotel. Messi, who previously played for Barcelona, ​​recently joined PSG. At the time, Messi and his family were staying at the hotel. A massive crowd of supporters gathered outside the hotel every day to see Messi. To see them, Messi meets him on the balcony. Thieves have now entered and looted through this balcony.

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