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Madame Rêve, the new Parisian hotel where to sleep under the stars

En the heart of a city with stone buildings so remarkable that they become individually banal, the building of the former Louvre post office stands out. Maybe that’s because it shines positively after a restoration, but there is something so unforgettable about its arched facade. Even more remarkable, this building now has a glass roof that is part of one of the newest luxury hotels in Paris and the latest selection in our series The New Room with a View, Madame Rêve. It’s a terrace offering a 360-degree view of the rooftops of Paris, making it perhaps the best new meeting place in the city.

The hotel has 82 rooms, starting at € 500 per night, spread over the top two floors of the building. Some overlook the lush interior gardens, another sign that green buildings are very trendy in Paris these days. But many overlook the city, from the bulky Saint-Eustache nearby to the Eiffel Tower in the distance. A number of rooms have terraces, and not just simple balconies like most Haussmann buildings. The hotel is located on the corner of the Jardin du Palais Royal and close to billionaire François Pinault’s new lively art museum, the Bourse du Commerce.

After a day of walking around Paris at the end of October, I came back to the hotel and made the trip I loved from its historicist lobby to the elevator to the modern hotel. Upon entering my room, I was ready to pass out. But, when I lay down in my bed, I realized that above me was a skylight and, surprise, I could see some stars. The idea of ​​sleeping under the stars in Paris struck me as extremely romantic even though I was actually alone. This spectacular view is made possible by the slanted windows in the room forming an entire wall. (My first jaded thought upon seeing it was to wonder if the light would wake me up in the morning, but there are blackout blinds.) The rooms themselves are modern but warm. They’re decorated in light woods with golden-yellow furniture and accents, and pink mosaic bathrooms you love or hate.

The hotel also has two restaurants. On the ground floor is Madame Rêve Café, a Mediterranean café-brasserie with late 19th century decor. The ceilings and columns are original from the historic post office and the space gives the impression that it could have been a place to see and be seen in the Belle Époque. While the food is delicious, the drinks are the highlight here, and a welcome respite from the daily dose of wine.

On the top floor is the French-Japanese restaurant La Plume, which offers a panoramic view of the city and where Madame Rêve’s breakfast was also served. And a croissant with Paris literally at your feet is a pretty unique way to start the day.

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