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Micro review: ‘The Paris Apartment’ by Lucy Foley


In ‘The Paris Apartment’, Lucy Foley invites readers to explore a darker side of the City of Light, that is Paris. It follows a young woman – Jess – fleeing the troubles of her personal life to take refuge in the house of her journalist brother (Ben) in a posh Parisian building, only to find him missing. No one seems to know where he is and no one seems to want to help find him.

As Jess begins to ask questions and search him, it becomes clear that something sinister is going on. Ben’s investigation of a story official put him in danger. Time is running out and Jess must find him before she too finds herself in danger.

Foley spends much of the first half of his novel unraveling the threads connecting each character to Ben and their potential motives for his disappearance. Despite leaving the reader impatient and wanting more action, the first half provides much-needed context for the second half of the novel and creates the tension that makes the ending satisfying.

Foley’s writing is simple and immersive, with a reckless but determined protagonist to create an intriguing mystery. ‘The Paris Apartment’ is a dark puzzle that you will love to solve.

What critics said about the book
“Extremely evocative, with a richly drawn atmosphere that you can cut with a knife… Lucy Foley just keeps getting better.” –Alex Michaëlides

“Terrifying and compelling, I was immediately drawn to this dark depiction of Parisian life.” -Sarah Pearse

“A sinister, seductive and twisted masterclass. Lucy Foley is a born storyteller, and ‘The Paris Apartment’ is her finest yet.” –Chris Whitaker

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