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Paris hotel review: Is 25hours Terminus Nord the most convenient boutique hotel in Paris? | Short Breaks & City Breaks | Travel


A stone’s throw from Paris’ Gare du Nord is a truly unique boutique space. Hidden behind the classic Haussmann facades of Paris lurks a warm cacophony of color and style, the 25hours Hotel Paris Terminus Nord feels instantly at home in the bustling city.

25hours Hotel Paris Terminus Nord is one of the offers of the 25hour group, along with others across Europe such as Berlin, Copenhagen, Florence and Dubai.

Basically, you step out of the Eurostar and into the doorstep of the international brand’s Parisian offering, a hidden gem in the middle of the City of Lights. Can you get any more convenient than that? And who said comfort and style don’t go together?

A tribute to the African community of Paris in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, this hotel was created with the multi-award winning design agency Dreimeta. Interiors give the posh, expensive feel of one of the world’s most famous private clubs for creatives (you know that one).

Bright pops of color and murals make this a visually stimulating hub, a place to reinvigorate yourself before your Parisian adventures.

Refuel at the delicious Neni Restaurant with its Israeli-Mediterranean cuisine served Balagan (meaning pleasant chaos) style. You must try the sweet noodle dessert and the mango hummus.

Then head to the Sape Bar with the air of a gentlemen’s club, where there are often DJs and always very strong cocktails!

If you wish, use the working typewriters in the hotel lobby to send a love note or letter home. Once you have written your note, take it to reception and purchase a stamp, after which they will post the letter for you.

If you have work to do, the hotel has generous workspaces that are quite comfortable.

Proving that it’s not about size, it’s about what you make it, all of the hotel’s rooms are beautifully designed in rich, saturated colors.

The rooms range from the “small” of 12 to 16m² with a single bed to the “extra large plus” of 30 to 33m² with a king size bed and a bathtub in the bedroom.

I was lucky enough to stay in the very large room, with balconies overlooking the Gard du Nord. I could keep people watching with a glass of wine in my hand all day.

Alas, there was plenty to do, as there always is in town. Luckily, 25hours provides bikes from Schindelhauer.

Ask at the reception to rent a bike and go to town. Alternatively, jump into the metro station a few meters from the hotel entrance.

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