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Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architect gives Paris the aesthetics of an aparthotel


The French architectural firm Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte has renovated a studio apartment in Parisadding a curved wall with scalloped woodwork.

Located in the Saint Germain des Pres area of ​​Paris, the previously dark and dated 30-square-meter apartment has been updated to create a simple hotel aesthetic.

Top: Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architect renovated an apartment in Paris. Above: the apartment is open-plan

“Our clients who mostly live in the countryside wanted a cocoon during their stay in Paris,” Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architect says founder Pierre-Louis Gerlier to Dezeen.

“They bought a small apartment ideally located in the famous district of Saint Germain des Près, but it was quite old and very dark. Their main wish was to feel like they were in a hotel with simple and refined decoration.”

A curved partition envelops the space by Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte
The curved wall has fluted wood panels

Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte completely redesigned the small courtyard studio using Shigeru Ban’s Paper House as a source of inspiration while seeking to retain its original charm.

The workshop removed all the partitions, the irregular parquet and the false ceiling to increase the height of the space and reveal its beams.

The ceiling beams were left exposed by Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte
Waxed concrete was used on the floors to reflect the light

“The first inspiration is The Paper House by Shigeru Ban,” said Gerlier.

“Like this house, a large curved wall crosses the space to offer different places, a large living room open to the outside, an office area for privacy and of course all the water features are hidden behind this partition.”

It has a kitchenette integrated into the partition by Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte
The kitchenette is built into an opening in the wall

The studio has added a curved partition wall that wraps around the corner of the apartment like a ‘cocoon’, enclosing the compact kitchen, shower room and toilet.

The wall has scalloped wood panels that have a two-tone design that aims to visually expand the space.

“The curved wall that incorporates the water features creates a cocoon effect,” Gerlier said. “This wall opens to the outside to maximize the feeling of space.”

White walls run throughout the space by Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte
Different spaces are zoned with bright green

Its curved shape is interrupted by a recessed section that serves to house a kitchenette.

The kitchen cabinets sit in the recessed opening and have been finished with a bright green color. A polished concrete backsplash provides a textured backdrop.

A chest of drawers is embedded in the wall by Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte
A neutral palette runs throughout the space

Accents of green have been used to zone different areas of the open-plan apartment, framing the sleeping area and being used for a dressing table, a desk and the kitchen cabinets.

The walls were painted white and waxed concrete was used on the floors to unify the space and reflect the light.

“The apartment being relatively small and not very bright, on the first floor on the courtyard side, we chose light colors for the living room.”

The shower room is in the curved wall
The shower room has a waxed concrete finish

Next to the kitchen, a mid-century frosted glass sliding door leads to a small shower room housed in the curved bulkhead.

Green waxed concrete covers the walls of the curved shower room and aims to create a feeling of privacy.

Doors have stained wood and frosted glass construction
Stained wood provides a warm contrast

Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte is an architecture studio based in France.

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The photograph is from Ercole Salinaro.

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