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Police arrest 100 people in Paris underground restaurant

Paris police fined more than 100 people who were caught flouting coronavirus restrictions at an underground restaurant last night.

They also arrested its organizer, after a week of allegations that ministers attended similar events breaking the rules.

Police officers were “called in for a complaint of excessive noise in a restaurant” and “put an end to a gathering of more than 110 people,” police in the French capital posted on Twitter.

“Guests fined for non-compliance with applicable health measures. The organizer and manager arrested,” they added.

Underground restaurants offering the wealthy a pre-coronavirus dining experience have been making headlines in France throughout this week.

Private television station M6 last week broadcast a report based on footage recorded with a hidden camera allegedly from an underground restaurant in an upscale district of Paris where neither staff nor diners wore masks.

Participants were able to taste caviar and champagne during the event at a price of € 220 per person.

All restaurants and cafes have been closed in France for eating there in the past five months.

The country began a new limited national lockdown this week to deal with the surge in Covid-19 infections.

One of the organizers of the dinner broadcast by M6, businessman and collector Pierre-Jean-Chalençon, was briefly arrested on Friday by the police alongside chef Christophe Leroy.

Mr. Chalencon had claimed to have organized several dinners in his luxurious room at the Palais Vivienne, in the center of Paris, in the presence of ministers.

“At this stage of the investigation, there is no evidence that any member of the government attended the dinners under investigation,” prosecutors said after questioning him.

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