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She loves her little Parisian apartment…


Greatness is what you make of it…

Small apartment in Paris/TikTok screenshot/@shump_

There is always someone who shares this mentality that if you live in Paris, you have to live a grand life.

But this woman, who is an au pair in Paris, shares a glimpse of her small apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

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The apartment is said to be nine square meters, but she has all the main amenities and finds it cute and cozy.

Sometimes it’s not about having a huge space but what you can do with a small space…

WATCH his video below, courtesy of ICT Tac.

@shump_ it’s small but i love it #parisliving #apartmenttower #apartmenttourparis #Paris ♬ As He Was – Harry Styles

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Many people asked her about her tenancy and she said that her sponsor family actually pays her rent.

Shump_: “for everyone who asks me not to pay my rent, my foster parents pay it! but I guess between 600 and 700 € per month.”

Roughly that works out to between 10,000 and 11,700 rand…

That’s a pretty high total to pay for such a small space. But we have to consider that it’s in the city of love and has been romanticized for so long…

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A few other comments included, courtesy of ICT Tac.

Nav Dhillon: “Damn, people like to live like this just to say they live in Paris.”

Tattoo artist: “Harry Potter had more space under the stairs.”

Alexandra Z: “People finding a 9m2 apartment ‘cute, dreamy, cozy’ is a capitalist victory and a normal person’s nightmare, wake up guys.”

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