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“She should be a little less showy” • Hollywood Unlocked

One of the men involved in the infamous 2016 Paris hotel robbery that left Kim Kardashian tied up in a bathtub said he didn’t feel bad about the way things turned out for the star. reality show. The Skims founder, who later said she feared she was dying the night a group of men showed up in her hotel room demanding she hand over all her expensive possessions, was shaken after the incident, primarily because she had no security in tow at the time of the crime.

Yunis Abbas would serve two years in prison for the senseless act, but in a recent interview with VICE News, he told the publication he didn’t feel bad for Kardashian, pointing out that she “should be a little less flashy.” on social networks. . “Since she was throwing money away, I was there to get it back, and that was it. Guilty? No, I don’t care,” he argued.

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“They should be a little less showy towards people who can’t afford it,” Abbas continued, referring not just to Kardashian but to celebrities in general, adding that it’s insensitive to show off your wealth to others. Among the items stolen in the heist was $10 million worth of jewelry, including the $4 million engagement ring the TV personality received from Kanye West.

Twelve people robbed Kardashian while she was alone in her hotel room, many of whom would have been in their 60s but disguised their appearance using face masks. Abbas was released from prison after 22 months due to health issues.

He recalled how seeing Kardashian flashing her expensive possessions made her an easy target when she flew to the French capital, while Abbas stayed down to keep watch while the rest of his conspirators took care of the mother of four children and tied her up while they searched her. place to grab all the valuables.

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“Madame Kardashian’s secretary called for help. But she called 911 in the US, which scared us, and wasted a lot of their time. And when we came out, there was a group of police outside who didn’t know anything about the theft,” he said.

Although he apparently has no regrets about the way things turned out, Abbas admits the situation must have been “traumatic” for Kardashian because going through something like this can completely change someone’s outlook on life. ‘a. “We don’t come out unscathed,” he replied.

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