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Shooting in a Parisian restaurant: two guests “killed in Petit Cambodge while the gunman is unleashed” – World News

Witnesses reported hearing screams and screams as gunshots rang out inside Petit Cambodge in Paris

Panic: People run after hearing what are believed to be explosions or gunshots near Place de la République

Two people were reportedly killed in a restaurant in Paris after an apparent gunman raged.

Seven other guests were reportedly injured after an armed man wielding a Kalashnikov stormed the restaurant Le Petit Cambodge near rue Bichat in the 10th arrondissement.

Screams and screams could have been heard as gunshots rang out inside the Cambodian restaurant, with some claiming to have been “locked inside”.

An eyewitness reported seeing bodies strewn on the road near the restaurant.

It is reported that the military attempted to evacuate people inside the restaurant, but the situation progressed and they were instead pushed to the back of the restaurant.

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As counterterrorism police flooded the area, an officer at the scene warned that “the gunman is believed to be still at large. People should leave the area.”

Several minutes later, more shots were fired at the live music of the Bataclan near Place de la République, a short walk away.

Police and other emergency services are on the scene near the scene of the Charlie Hebdo attack in January.

The attack on the satirical magazine left 13 people dead, as two Paris-born terrorists slaughtered cartoonists and other staff before escaping on a robbery.

At least 60 people are now believed to have died following multiple explosions in other parts of the French capital.

Around 100 people are also believed to be held hostage inside the Bataclan concert hall.

Rescue services near the bodies covered in front of a restaurant following a shooting in Paris



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