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The open floor plan in this Parisian apartment is perfect for living and working

Portrait of Jonathan Wray seated on a sofa Gaetano Pesce circa 1990 and Julien Sebban. The curtains and the carpet are signed Uchronia.

How does a young “it” architect of the Parisian scene go through a year of ups and downs? By being creative, of course. Julien Sebban, 27, is the founder of the creation collective Uchronia, where he touches everything from art to fashion to architecture and everything in between. Naturally, her home is not just a reflection of her interests, but a new and evolving approach to what it means to work.

Located on the first floor of a classic Haussmannian building in Montmartre, Julien’s 1,011 square foot apartment is anything but traditional. Returning from London to Paris about a year ago, Julien and his partner, Jonathan Wray, also Creative Director, decided to completely rethink the classic Parisian floor plan. What was originally a traditional three bedroom has grown into a large room with six windows overlooking a beautiful garden.

The idea was to keep the majority of the apartment as “public” spaces, with the living room, office, library, exhibition room, dining room and kitchen on one side and the private quarters of the other. “We only have one large room of 70 square meters, which is unusual in Paris,” explains Julien. “We have removed everything and separated the common areas from the private areas. We did a lot of work when we moved in, but we kept the kitchen and bathroom in their original place.

“This is our comfort zone, the showroom and the casual room. It’s a place to read and have a drink, ”explains Julien. “It’s colorful, funky and playful, and at night it becomes a light show with all kinds of colorful and shaped lights.” The sofa is by Gaetano Pesce and the lithograph on the right is by artist Guy Yanai. The carpet, curtain and coffee tables are from Uchronia, Wave. On the fireplace is a vintage radio; the lamp on the right is IKEA Stranne.

All the space is full of Uchronia designs and achievements. “My office is here and my showroom,” continues Julien. “All the pieces we develop, like furniture and lighting, are here as well as a selection of selected items that we carry, like flea market purchases. And while the space is eclectic, there is one recurring visual inspiration: the waves. Julien admits, laughing: “I am obsessed with the waves. This apartment is an ode to the waves. The whole apartment!

Julien developed the concept of Uchronia while studying architecture at the Architectural Association in London. Uchronia means “a space without time,” and the creation of the studio involved personal studies of how sleep affects one’s life. Since graduating, he has designed Créatures, a 100% vegetarian restaurant with an urban garden on the roof of Galeries Lafayette in Paris. He is now preparing to open another restaurant, this time at the National Museum of Modern Art, where he will also modernize the museum’s bookstore.

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