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The (other) Paris apartment rental agency you should know

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The real Parisian experience is not hidden behind the doors of luxury hotels or ultra-contemporary boutiques, but within the houses of real Parisians.

The Plum Guide offers accommodation in real Parisian apartments without worrying about whether you get your money’s worth or not. Plum Guide, simplified, is a sort of elite matchmaking service that checks homes in person and reviews them on a 150-point scale. Only then will the locations host it on their website, listed with accurate descriptions done by professionals.


Think of Plum Guide as your personal concierge or a chance to rent a small Parisian apartment like this home from $ 67 per night Montmartre Carlson without fear that it will not be as expected. The platform notes all the best qualities of the space as well as original qualities, even unpleasant for some, such as a weathered floor or a bohemian decor. Plus, the website also lists attractions within a 10-minute walk and offers full service to make your stay feel like a personalized boutique hotel.

Hailing from England, Plum Guide has expanded to 12 cities including Rome, New York, Lisbon and others. The service offers all homes from a small, inexpensive studio to a $1472 per night Monceau apartment on the roof with a veranda with a clear view of the Eiffel Tower. From artists’ corners in the Marais to chic apartments on the Canal Saint-Martin, each space is aimed at the curious traveler.

Homestays have long since become the trend for the “new nomad” who prefers a unique experience with the comfortable feeling of home. With the world’s population traveling twice as much since the turn of the century, there is also a tendency to seek a home away from home when roaming the cities of the planet.

We’ve already picked our favorite AirBnB destinations under $ 100, but realistically no one can guarantee the experience as the company doesn’t check all the spaces themselves. Plum Guide takes all of these fears away by having this job professionally done, instead of letting you read (sometimes conflicting) reviews. The site team is a team of hospitality professionals who take into consideration the nooks and crannies of a good stay in a hotel-level apartment and adapt them to their chosen homes.

Consult the plum guide here.

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