Paris restaurant

The Parisian restaurant that serves food without a plate


A vegetarian restaurant in Paris has become famous for more than the originality of its meatless cuisine since it serves everything without a plate.

Guests at the Ora restaurant in the 10th arrondissement eat (almost) directly on the table, after the dishes have been cleverly laid out on layers of recycled paper, which are changed after each service.

Everything from cheese and hummus to mashed vegetables and roasted vegetables, seasonings, sauces, appetizers and desserts are creatively piled on the table, so guests can just dig straight in. Cutlery is used normally.

Some items are served in their own twist of recycled paper to keep them together, including burgers and cones of fries.

The name of the restaurant comes from the Hebrew etymology and means “the light that enlightens, reassures and inspires growth”.

The goal of this unusual serving style is not only to create an interesting dining experience, but also to save water when washing dishes.

The restaurant also uses candles rather than relying on electric light, and the space is furnished with antique or upcycled furniture.

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