Paris apartment

This Glam Paris apartment has endless hidden storage in 590 square feet

“My clients wanted six people to be able to stay here,” says Rebecca. “So we had to turn it into a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. And after three and a half months of construction, we did it!

“This pillar was impossible to demolish,” says Rebecca. “So we had to play with it. Among its eye-catching additions: textured wood and a dramatic terrazzo base that extends to the floor.

Photo: Giaime Meloni

With the help of her colleague Sarah Chayeb, Rebecca reconfigured the apartment to retain its open and airy appearance by maximizing its natural light and taking every opportunity to incorporate subtle storage. And if “function came first”, as the designer explains, it has never come at the expense of style: take a good look and you will see the outlines of the cupboards discreetly embedded in the walls. Glass doors, including the aforementioned Art Deco-inspired beauty, allow sunlight to enter the cramped hallways. An open kitchen keeps a plethora of appliances and other necessities, including a microwave, refrigerator, and trash cans, hidden behind sleek black cabinets.

The kitchen backsplash combines functionality with aesthetic appeal: “The geometric shape helps the room look less like a kitchen and more like a bar or restaurant. In addition, thanks to numerous cabinets under the counter, appliances remain out of sight, leaving room for generous preparation space.

Photo: Giaime Meloni

Glass doors illuminate areas that otherwise don’t see much sunlight.

Photo: Giaime Meloni

The goal, says Rebecca, was to create a space that borrows from the past, but still manages to meet an ultra-modern purpose. Fittingly, the finished apartment succeeds with the same effortless elegance that all Parisians seem to master – never revealing all of its secrets at once, but revealing just enough (a glint of gold here, a flash of shine there) to beg for a second see.

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