Paris apartment

TikToker baffles viewers with a tour of his 100 square foot Paris apartment


An American living in Paris has TikTokers wondering how it is possible to live in a 100 square feet apartment.

The woman, who goes by the username @shump_has apparently been living in Paris since at least 2021. Her thread is full of observations of her life in the city – where she works as an au pair – but a clipabout his apartment, attracted particularly significant attention.

Her video, which now has over 3 million views, shows exactly how she makes her small space work.

“It’s small but I love it,” @shump_ captioned his post.

This is just the latest TikTok in a long line of unusual apartment tours. In one, one TikToker showed how he has transformed his 500 square foot apartment into a “smart home”. In another, a user showed an apartment in New York with a “smelly” floor plan.

In his clip, @shump_ explains that his space is nine square meters, or about 97 square feet. Then she begins her tour.

The TikTok starts at the sink, which is right outside @shump_’s door. To the left of that is the kitchen area, which includes a kettle, fridge and what appears to be a small induction cooker.

Next to it is the closet, which backs directly onto @shump_’s bed. His bed takes up almost the entire wall.

The TikToker then shows his “little office”, which overlooks a park and, in the distance, the Eiffel Tower.

“You see it better in winter,” she adds.

His last wall is dedicated to the toilet and the shower, which is behind a small door and also serves as a storage space for his suitcase.

TikTok commenters had a wide range of reactions to the tour. Some were just in awe of how @shump_ used her space, while others couldn’t believe she lived there.

“This apartment should cost $20 a month,” one user wrote.

“This small space makes me anxious,” added another.

“I love what you’ve done with space!” another wrote. “It’s small but few people say they can see the Eiffel Tower from their window.”

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