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This Parisian hotel offers Signature Biologique Recherche facial treatments


Most people now know the secret to perfect skin: Biologique Recherche. What was once a niche French family brand with a cult following has become a household name among beauty enthusiasts everywhere. You’d be hard-pressed to see a beauty editor’s vanity counter without a bottle of P50 Lotion or Living Mask. Something like a shock swept through the beauty community, seemingly overnight. In fact, the meteoric rise of Biologique Recherche products in the United States has occurred over the past 5-7 years. Despite their high-demand products, the integrity and ethos of the brand has remained the same. Consumers can only buy these high-end masks and creams from certified beauticians and spas. Sometimes booking a treatment or filling a mask can become a daunting but worthwhile task.

And while Paris is still considered a mecca for Biologique Recherche facials — particularly their signature micro-current Remodeling Face treatment — appointments at the brand’s Beauty Embassy are hard to come by. Like most things in Paris, emotional surprises exist at every turn.

Known for its glamorous and luxurious suites and its Michelin-starred restaurant, The Peninsula hotel in the chic 16th arrondissement of Paris offers a signature Biologique Recherche facial treatment to turn back time on the elasticity of the skin and the radiance of the complexion. youth – especially beneficial after a long flight from Los Angeles.

The Remodeling Face – a personalized bio-electrotherapy machine – is unique to Biologique Recherche and The Peninsula Spa uses its magical powers. Don’t miss the opportunity to have four different currents that activate muscles in your face that you didn’t even know existed.

In addition to Biologique Recherche facials, The Peninsula’s spa offers wet and dry saunas, a cold shower, and a relaxation room worthy of deep REM sleep. Whether it’s a fashion week, a wedding weekend or an inspired getaway in the City of Light, a stop at The Peninsula spa should be high on your to-do list. .

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